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Inforint Hotel is a Multi-language Web App that allows to do the Web check-in before arriving at the hotel, this process can be done from any smartphone, tablet or PC. The most important thing is that you can do the complete process without downloading any App!

The guest receives an email 48 hours before their arrival at the hotel in which they are welcomed and the access is available to perform the Web Check in. The information of each passenger is loaded and the documents necessary for the process are attached, also "Terms and Conditions¨" of the hotel that can be configurable in each case. The hotel can configure different emails. The Web app is activated for the guest when a room is assigned. Once activated, the guest can do reservations for all the Hotel Facilities, breakfast, gym, spa, pool, etc.

Adicionally, you can access to the digital menu of the hotel restaurant and do table reservations or orders from the same web app. Everything is integrated and with only a single click. It has a QR generator that allows access to our web app from the smartphone's camera. Easy to use and easy to configure it.

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