Inforint Servicio Penitenciario

Inforint Servicio Penitenciario is a platform created to perform traceability and monitoring inmates in prison, provides support for configuring sectors for each prison unit, manages the allocation of resources, management of the Inmate population in Penal Institution.
It provides tools to prison administrators to find the balance between security and social reintegration, and at the same time to respond appropriately to priorities. Inforint processes optimize resource management.
The platform provides an internal id for each inmate, in turn each inmate is classified according to the crimes and types of conviction, apart from keeping their medical history, managing tasks and behavior within the service.
Among the functions of the system is not only the Clinical History of each Inmate, but also reports that accompany the file of each individual, in order to provide information to the authorities that require it.
It also has the monitoring of behavior, asylum in the pavilions by sector, visits received, etc.

Some of features are:

  • Setting
  • Inmate Management
  • Internal Management
  • Medical Management
  • Visit Management
  • Report Managment
  • Internal Education
  • Internal Working
  • External Education
  • Temporary Output
  • Transfer
  • Program Managment

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